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Lantana Taekwondo Reviews

  • Jennifer K. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    Love this place!! It is so close to Lantana (and Argyle). We also had our son's 8th birthday party here and it was amazing!!! If you are looking for a great place to learn Taekwondo, you need to check them out.

    Jennifer K.
  • Tom M. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    We would highly recommend this studio to anyone out there. They have helped both of our children in dealing with bullying issues. Julie actually got our daughter interested in joining (1 month after her brother)and since then she has been so excited about class and testing. Thank you Julie and Scott.

    Tom M.
  • Mary F. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    School owners Scott & Julie Mischke are truly focused on the success of their students. Having been trained by both of them, I know that they create an atmosphere that makes working out fun. Mr. Mischke takes the time to explain the basics so that his students understand the "how" as well as the "why". Mrs. Mischke's confidence can be seen in her precision and detail, and her demeanor with children is engaging and respectful. Anyone, child or adult, will have a quality experience at Lantana TKD.

    Mary F.
  • Conrad V. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    I've known these guys through martial arts for about a decade. Great people, great TaeKwonDo practitioners, and a true concern for developing kids as well. There is something VERY special for the students about being part of the charter group of a martial arts school Very excited to watch as Julie and Scott grow the school into a big part of the community. They have made a real investment in adding student value for each age group - not a "one size fits all" school.

    Conrad V.
  • Sabrina G. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    I walked in today to take a look and see if it was authentic taekwondo. Not only is it completely, but the masters were so welcoming to my son. Without even waiting a day longer we left signed up! Did I mention how flexible the schedule is for the kids! Looking forward to seeing my sons grow with them? 3 year old is signing up in September!

    Sabrina G.
  • Tami M. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    I cannot say enough great things about this school and Scott and Julie Mischke. The high energy, fun and positive atmosphere allows my son to engage in a dynamic activity while building confidence and focus. Great instructors teaching more than just Taekwondo!

    Tami M.
  • Shannon K. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    No words to describe what the Mischke family mean to our family- we adore them and they are truly dedicated to their students- love them

    Shannon K.
  • Tiffany L. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    The instructors are amazing and truly love to help kids and adults reach there goals!!

    Tiffany L.
  • Micah N. , Lantana Taekwondo Testimonials

    Great charismatic instructors! Dedication is obvious.

    Micah N.

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